This blog has been named ‘One Single Candle’ because of the potential power it denotes. A candle doesn’t give out much light by itself, but it nevertheless dispels darkness. It seeks not the caste, creed, colour, religion, race or wealth of those in its vicinity before dispelling their darkness. All that matters is getting as close to the candle as possible. Those that strive to do so, and those that can, are the ones who can see the most.
Secondly a candle loses nothing by lighting another. The wax that melts would have ordinarily melted even if it didn’t light another. But by lighting another it makes true the possibility of having double the light. By lighting even a thousand candles, it still doesn’t lose any of its brightness, instead it creates a flood of light that banishes the darkness.

Supposing the candle had decided not to light another, and lived its life. The light that it so preciously protected would die with it. Instead if it shared its flame with a hundred more candles, it would outlive itself a hundred times over. Here’s hoping that this one candle of mine provides that one spark for the revolution.

On the sidebar you will find the logo which needless to say is free to use, however with only one request, if you do not truly believe in the principles stated below, kindly do not give the rest of us believers a bad name, by using the logo.

General Principles

By using the logo on your site, you agree to the following:

1. The works contained on the site are all originally authored by you.

2. You are the sole author to the material and there is no possible dispute in that regard.

3. You have posted such content to enable those willing, to appreciate its value.

4. You have no objection to anybody else reproducing any of the content on your site at their own free will, even if it is to claim it as their own, or make money from it.

5. Though you expect to make money from your works, you also have no objection to other people distributing it for free or for money.

6. You do not expect any money to accrue from your works being sold by others.

Those who voluntarily agree to bind themselves to this concept, and agree to abide by the rules stated above, can download the following code and paste into their webpages.

One Response to “Seekers”

  1. Sid Says:

    so you know her huh???

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